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Mobile app for your business

Mobile app for your business that provides multiple functions. Loyalty card program, reduce staff needed by providing e-ordering onsite/take-away/home delivery, Food delivery, customer feedback system, table reservation and more to come and also with the possibility of custom development.

Our company is a team of dedicated professionals striving to build delightful products.

Technology company from Vilnius founded in 2018. Management has long experience from the technology sector and also from the bar/restaurant sector. The app has came to life from our own experience of a lack of modern technology to improve the customer experience in the bar/restaurand industry and to eliminate the manual handling of loyalty programs, payments etc. With the app our aim is to make the whole customer experience from A to Z more enjoyable and less of a hassle.

Why Barsail?

Mobile app improves efficiency and reduce staff needed by providing e-ordering onsite, take-away and home delivery.

Orders in the bar without the need/reduced need of waiter/bartender.

How to make Your occasional visitor into a loyal Customer.

Automated loyalty program allows to build customer relationships over time. Customer feedback program supports developing and appreciated customer experience and benchmarking your performance to similar establishments.

Loyalty card linked / integrated to mobile app. – No need for physical cards.

Your customers use the app and get loyalty points or cash back instantly!

No huge commissions to third party solutions.

Your branded mobile app is integrated with delivery service provider, you only pay a fixed monthly fee.

Customer feedback directly to you.

Via mobile app customer can provide real time feedback to venue owner / manager so you can take direct actions.

Integrated payments.

Allow customers pay by phone - just scan the app and payment is applied to cash register. No need to process card payment and handle receipts.

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